The world is made of energy and light.

Humans are light in action. Imagine a gorgeous fountain of light flowing freely and effortlessly. That is who we are.

Energy in action.

When we are in alignment with our light, our lives are easy and our creations fruitful. We experience love, peace and joy as we share our inherent gifts with the planet.

Through Dede’s clear sight and channeled energy, she can help release the blocks that impede your flow by using her voice, presence, and channeled energy.

Benefits of working with Dede include…

  • Measurable improved mental and physical health
  • Stronger and healthier relationships with friends, family, and lovers
  • More successful business accomplishments
  • Release of addictions, depression and negative patterns.

We are meant to be healthy, vibrant, surrounded by love, and success. Dede invites you to experience the results of working with her.