Free & Easy


Hi Friends,

This past month of July has been a very free and easy month for great weather, good friends, and fun connections. In the free and easy space of summer I’ve had a chance to see where I need to make some changes in my business and bring more clarity around what I offer in a an energy healing session. This work is always evolving and as most of us know change is good. It’s healthy and imperative for all living things! So here’s the new scoop: I offer two types of sessions: One is an energy clearing session and the other is a deep energy clearing session. The difference between the two is time and energy and cost. Most people are comfortable with the energy clearing session. It will address the very big picture energy block and clear it in the body completely. The deep energy clearing session is for those that know they are ready for deep transformation at a core level. I have found that there is a natural and clear distinction between the two types of sessions. The energy clearing session is for those that want their energy cleared for a boost in energy and to help enhance their life that is already flowing pretty well. Deep energy clearings is the case where a person comes in who is coming in with a physical illness and needs energy cleared and also support for moving ahead quickly ie anxiety, cancer, depression, limes, auto immune challenges etc. The energy clearing session is for those that want their energy cleared for a boost in energy and to help enhance their life that is already flowing pretty well.

The difference you ask? Time and energy and money spent with me focusing on the personal clearing. The energy clearing session now costs $175 and takes 45 minutes and will clear one thing that a person really wants to focus on or it will give a nice thorough clearing head to toe for those that seek regular energy clearings. These sessions can be used for the bigger deeper stuff that comes up over the course of a few sessions or however long it takes. The deep core energy healing session will be one hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half long and it costs $350. My deep core energy sessions tend to be large and deep where we clear an entire family tree and ancestry lines. This requires a tremendous amount of focus and energy to clear and I have found that this isn’t always necessary. I have realized in this free and easy month of July with my friends and family out in nature and at the beach that not everyone is up for those huge energy healing sessions. So in response to that knowing this is my new price and time structure moving forward.

Yes I will still offer package deals for both in appreciation for coming to see me regularly and supporting me and my family. A package of five energy healing sessions costs $750 which is a savings of $125 and for the deep core sessions a package of five costs $1500 which is a savings of $250.

Many people who are not use to a lot of energy healing sessions will get a lot done through regular visits for the 45 minute energy healing session weather they are looking for deeper transformation or not. The compilation of the smaller sessions create a very deep and powerful shift that is friendly and easy on the body!

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and I am excited to offer my energy healing sessions for a lower fee!

I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Lots of Love,

Dede Hart Murphy