Angel Readings & Energy Work

Angel Readings & Energy Work

Angel Readings & Energy Work

Hi Friends!

After being in this work for 18 years now and as my work has evolved I can see a big discrepancy between what I offer and what others think I offer. Let me explain. Some people lower their voice and get a devilish smile when they talk about psychic readings. Others are so open and excited to come in for energy work and they sing it from the mountain tops because they know how great they are going to feel.

I realize that there is a wide range of “energy” or psychic work out there so here are the distinctions: A psychic reading is an energetic reading. It means that a person is adept at reading energetic wavelengths that another carries or gives off and it is readable to people who have well developed energetic sight or psychic or sixth sense sight. There are all kinds of wavelengths out there and a person can carry a lot of different kinds of energetic wavelengths that can be read.

For angel readings… Let me specify. Ok so there are super high frequencies as that of the archangelic realm. Those frequencies exist in the realm of love and appreciation. The archangelic realm has to do with a group pf frequencies that hold a very high frequency. There is not any drama or fear or depression or sadness. The energy is one with our creator which is one with the creator in ourselves. There is no separation. And in this space the energy wavelengths being read or delivered are healing and uplifting and positive. This doesn’t mean that the guidance from this space is not true or that it is polyannaish. It means the they are all above the clouds where the sun is always shinning. If you look up what the angels do… they are messengers. They provide a link of messages for you who may not always be soaring above the clouds where the sun is always shining. Their goal is to bring you above the clouds again to the truth of your oneness with creator with life source energy. So their guidance is always saying “this is the way… this is the way.” They bring forth the happiest, easiest and fastest way to soar above the clouds in your oneness again.

When I first opened to spirit in a formal way the archangelic realm showed themselves to me and it was tremendous in beauty, love and light. I found that when I did readings for people they were really so very uplifted.

As time passed and my abilities kept evolving I took more and more training one of which was that I became a Reiki Master. After the Reiki Master… guess what? The angels were showing up and moving energy for clients. Wow! I thought. This is incredible. And since then they have shown all kinds of methods and ways they assist in clearing and aligning people. The biggest thing they like to do is clear your different ages from childhood where there is stuck energy and realign your younger self to clean clear light and energy and then they reweave your being with the appropriate energy that was stifled. They will reweave a person from birth to now. Once that is complete, I will all of a sudden see parents and grandparents show up for clearing and then a strand of light shows up coming out of a persons back where there is ancestry clearing to do. These archangels are very powerful in these sessions.

Clients sit at my dining room table with wearing their street clothes and all of this is done through word, gaze and focus. They make it clear when it is complete and they may move on to something new or stay in the same place and perhaps give you a talking to if you are being stubborn about letting something go. Those are called sub patterns… they won’t let the pattern go so they keep moving energy and describe what is taking place while they are doing it.

My two biggest distinctions between an Angel Reading and an Energy Healing Session is this: An Angel Reading is beautiful clear and accurate guidance on how to soar above the clouds “this is the way, this is the way” and the other an Energy Healing Session is “lets clear this and lets clear that, and lets go here and release this other thing and lets go over here and open this up and then lets go back in childhood and release this and then lets go back here in ancestry and take care of this other thing… oh and here we are in a past life and getting rid of that thing that has been stuck for ever!”

Usually a person feels really blissed out after the Energy Clearing Session and a person feels lightly blissed out after the Angel Reading. Energy Clearing for one single session is $350 and the price greatly drops with regular sessions. Angel Readings are $175. I hope this helps make things clear!

Additional Examples:

For health – they have cleared depression, bumped people out of Lymes Disease, addressed auto immune diseases and MS, sinus issues, back and neck pains, they have removed cancer spots where the doctor then can’t find the spot he saw the day before, they have opened hips where a person has been able to walk again after not having walked for ten years.

For relationships – they have removed all manner of patterns that have inhibited a person to be intimate in a healthy way, they have guided and cleared people to be able to take a casual dating relationship to marriage, they have cleared people to be able to attract their mate, couples have come in together and have enhanced their intimate connection in ways they had no clue could have been improved.

For business – many come in for regular sessions for business and executive advancement, businesses are like our bodies… we have all kinds of patterns and blindspots that are all cleared and people have advanced in their executive positions many levels, some have started their own businesses and others have become effective intuitives in the work environment and have earned to create their way forward once they have opened their awareness or intuition. The angels read energy accurately for the work place as well as all of the people and they guide a person to their very best position clearing the way the entire time.

Again this is alternative so when you feel you need more than your doctor, therapist, best friend and yoga studio, check it out.