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The Kingdom Within

Hi Friends, Family and Clients! Just before Christmas 2017 I’d love to take a moment to thank everyone for another wonderful year. This year marks my fifth year in this lovely home in East Lake Bluff and my 19th year as he owner of my own emergent healing business Dede Hart Energy.  I just posted my last year “thank you”… Read more →

Angel Readings & Energy Work

Hi Friends! After being in this work for 18 years now and as my work has evolved I can see a big discrepancy between what I offer and what others think I offer. Let me explain. Some people lower their voice and get a devilish smile when they talk about psychic readings. Others are so open and excited to come… Read more →

Just Before Christmas

  Just before Christmas and after finishing the cookies and the gift wrapping, I’m taking a moment to thank all of my friends and clients for another wonderful year in Lake Bluff.  After having an office on Oak Street just above Jimmy Choo Shoes, and fighting traffic and paying a TON of money in rent for my office plus parking…… Read more →

Ready For Fall – Lake Bluff Beach

First I’d like to thank Lake Bluff Beach for providing such a beautiful and perfect summer. The sun and the surf was completely gorgeous and gave us a solid three months of perfect beach weather! Annie my youngest was home from U of I Champagne for the summer before her Junior year. We had a slow start to the summer… Read more →

Many Connections

After sleeping most of the day away I have realized that we once again are ending another year and looking to new fresh beginnings in the new year. I often wonder how we can wipe a slate clean and start over, completely over and it seems impossible really. Christ promises he washes everything away that isn’t purely in God’s love… Read more →

The Kingdom Within

Hi Friends! Please join us in another round of group clearing and meditations Wednesday Nights 7:00 – 8:00 pm at my home or on a multi line conference call. We have 7 weeks until Christmas and for the next 7 Wednesdays I’m offering a really nice clean boost in energy and awareness and feeling great to support you through the… Read more →

Free & Easy

Hi Friends, This past month of July has been a very free and easy month for great weather, good friends, and fun connections. In the free and easy space of summer I’ve had a chance to see where I need to make some changes in my business and bring more clarity around what I offer in a an energy healing… Read more →

Diamond Wash

Hi Friends! I had promised to write about a channeled meditation the other day so here it is… As in mostly all of these channeled meditations there is a setting of the stage so to speak in the beginning. Between people attending in person and those attending from all over the county over the conference line, spirit likes to pull… Read more →

Master Class = Self Mastery

Deirdre has asked us to come forth and invite you to her class. She has many questions about what it is all about and although her learning is fast tracked, she still holds back and has tendencies to lean toward what is well liked verses what is well needed. It’s an old character trait she developed when very young to… Read more →

Gold Planes Built With Precision E=MC2

Our meditation last night was filled with diamonds… billions of tiny white lights and although it was stunning and I will share more about it soon I’d like to share the meditation a student and I had together a few weeks ago. Frankly it rendered me exhausted energetically as it had created an intense shift for me that left me… Read more →