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Sacred vs Secret

Sacred vs Secret A recent student just had a session about these words… I thought it interesting to share as these channeled lessons are often enlightening and brilliant! This particular student has tremendous strength and ability in holding grounded space while delivering crystal clear guidance from the spiritual realm. His energy work is out of this world powerful!He works with… Read more →

Bright with a bite!

Good afternoon Friends! As this Chicago weather has brightened quite a bit with still a bite of cold, so are my thoughts! There are a number of topics I love to discuss just to help people awaken to the higher vibrations that are now hitting the earth. That’s right new vibrations! Yay! Our mother earth has ascended into pure heart… Read more →

Liquid Gold

Good afternoon friends… the second channeled meditation was completed last night. There were three people attending in person and four piped in by a 26 line conference call from Naples, San Francisco, Chicago, Evanston. I haven’t fully marketed these meditations as I wanted to test the conference call line and ensure the energetic space we all shared was very strong… Read more →

Welcome Home


CROWN OF LIGHT Master Class & Meditation

Master Class & Meditation

WOW! We had an out of this world experience in our first Master Class of light workers!

The five of us worked very hard to hone our skills in creating a solid spiritual home base or as it turned out “launching pad” within ourselves over five private sessions with me before meeting as a group for the weekend workshop. Each individual walked into the group work shop with clear “sight” and a solid spiritual home base. We began both days with a channeled meditation by me and we broke into groups and worked on and with each other to share our skills and knowing and worked with the energy that moved through the shared space. Different exersises were shared at various times to keep the momentum going and to keep everyone from “clinging to the sides of the pool” of the known to stay in the place of the unknown. My own angels and guides would not give me a lesson plan and it was a tremendous challenge as I thought I’d be given one since I organized and was paid for holding the class. They too were insisting that I let go “of the side of the pool” of which I have known and experienced in my spirit guided work…… I was also pulled right into the unknown.

Through out both days with the five of us experiencing moving and clearing energy for one another there was a common theme being developed. The theme was a black hole. OK so there were some guys that spoke of this more quickly than the women but still it was prevalent in everything we did from group discussions to individual clearings. The heart was the center of everything too. The entire galaxy of all existence was also present and of course God. God was shown to be a huge axis of light of which revolves entire galaxy. We began each day meditating on the light that exists in our hearts. It’s a God spark. The very life that we are and the God part of us that allows us to exist. We fully climbed into that light within ourselves and dropped all of our cords to the world around us. Once completely infused as one with this light all space and time opens up to complete sheer blackness of endless space. Through out the weekend everyone practiced their skills and developed new skills in clearing dense energy and had a chance to fully participate in sharing and teaching their skills to others.

At the close of the second day each person channeled a closing expression of what we had learned and we were asked to see what we created in our shared space. We looked before us and saw a vortex of love that extended down to the center of the core of the earth with an axis of light that had white light swirling around it reaching endlessly to the sky. The scene immediately shrank down to the size of a dinner plate and of which was our entire galaxy spinning around the God light axis and it then popped into the size of a black marble and then popped into our hearts.

The five of us walked out of the room and said good bye.

Since our workshop ten days ago we have all been experiencing incredible energy and expansion of which I have no expression to match. Put it this way we opened this huge vortex of love that has spread larger than the globe, walked through the black hole, a vortex of love, and are experiencing miracles that are magnifying in ways that are unimaginable.

To my angels and guides, thank you. There is no lesson plan for this.

To the entire world: wake up! We are powerful self healing fully expressed beings of love, life and light. Our power is endless.

I am offering another Master Class Workshop for those interest in furthering your intuitive healing skills. Also I am offering a series of guided meditations igniting within all of us the frequency of complete self healing and well being for the months of April and May. Both are avialable by phone. Sign up time is now. Please message me for details. WOW!

Clearing You

We in many ways are walking bodies filled with ancestry, our upbringing, our own acquired thoughts, and our culture’s projections and beliefs.  It takes a bit of discipline to stay clear in the moment with out a myriad of disturbances.  They say we have 60,000 thoughts a day and all but 1,000 of them are the same thoughts we had… Read more →

New Thoughts, New Energy, New Experience

Hi Friends, Looking back at the last two years many clients met with me regularly to clear dense energy in their systems to make room for marriage.  Many of us met weekly, and some one to two times per month.  These were women that have never married, in a long time boyfriend girlfriend relationship, in their mid thirties, as well… Read more →

Early Holiday Promotion!

    The best part of my day is the moment I open my eyes early in the morning. My bedroom window faces east and I first notice the soft glow of the rising sun over Lake Michigan four blocks away.  A new day! I have sessions to sell with these gorgeous gift certificates for an early holiday promotion.  My… Read more →

Hi Friends!

IMG_7883Okay, so there is this new widget on the side bar of my blog/website. It’s a cute little email button with a blurb below it saying, “Need Advice?”

It’s sort of serious to me so I’d like to clarify my intentions for offering this feature and be really clear about what I do and how I can be of service to friends and followers.

What I do best is channel a great frequency of love, guidance and energy. This energy is primarily from the arch angelic realm. Angels, you say? Yes. They are thought forms of God and bring a truth and an accuracy and love into their messages that offer tremendous healing light and awareness.

I started this professionally 14 years ago and have been evolving with the rest of us on this planet in learning to live a happy, joyful, fun and productive life that is teaming with love, fulfillment and learning. The positive feedback I have received has been humbling as it is really not me doing the work. The person coming to see me allows for it. I open myself up and step aside to allow for this excellent guidance and energy to come through for the benefit of the person who’s asking. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a natural open channel and I have received the benefit of excellent training from some of the most benevolent and powerful people in this field.

I am offering an opportunity for people to write letters in email form and allow me to give a channeled response from the guides to assist in seeing and creating solutions to situations that people are looking for clarity and guidance to. I am not Ann Landers or Dr. Ruth, but I am an excellent channel and even though I am on this planet learning the same as every one else, I’d like to have an opportunity to help people by shedding some light, joy and excellent guidance on their particular situation.

Because the individual is a reflection of the group I’d like to be able to post the letters and responses on this blog and offer feedback. This could be interesting and enlightening and even fun for many people. So you will remain anonymous and we can start these letters with “ I have a friend who…..”, “My friend Jennifer….” Or my brother Joe…”

I will try to answer these letters within a week or so. Feel free to check my blog regularly and share your thoughts and feedback with me.

Let’s have some fun with this and get excited about how this can be inspiring and insightful and teaming with new ideas!

By the way, the “angelic realm” is not faith based. We serve all faiths and are serving in the frequency of love, life and joy.

Let’s get started!






Want to move your own energy? Have a good cry.


Photo by Kerri Sherman

Photo copyright 2014, bloom & focus

Some clients recently have been asking about moving some energy through on their own. They’ve asked how they might go ahead and release some same old patterns showing up in their lives. They feel stuck again.

My answer is cry. Sit down and cry. Silence on the other end followed by “…ok …well …I’m not sure where to start” is what I got. So I explained that most of us don’t know where to start let alone how to get to the root of things so they can shift. So I went on and described how I have gone about doing it. I have a German Shepard named Easton who was all white and weighed 125 lbs. Easton was as most pets are, a 100% source of unconditional love. I call him forth and ask where to go… His spirit comes forth immediately and takes me exactly to where my tears are held in my past and my gosh do they flow! It’s like scenes from a movie rolling right through. Old stuck energy is in those tears so let them flow and say good bye to the unwanted creepy patterns that keep you from your present life. Drink lots of water before and after. It’s good for you to cry. Wet tears rolling down your cheeks will take years off your body, connect you to your soul and clear the way to rebuild, reform, and rejuvenate your being. One really good cry shifts a ton of energy. Give it a try!