Ready For Fall – Lake Bluff Beach

Ready For Fall - Lake Bluff Beach

Consistent Positive Energy

First I’d like to thank Lake Bluff Beach for providing such a beautiful and perfect summer. The sun and the surf was completely gorgeous and gave us a solid three months of perfect beach weather! Annie my youngest was home from U of I Champagne for the summer before her Junior year. We had a slow start to the summer as we had to get use to another new season as is how all new seasons go…

My business became slow and easy after a terrific mid May Group Workshop for the Master Class where we had seven people all learning to sharpen their skills in energy reading, aligning and activation. It was completely beautiful and I needed to take time off after as The workshop leaves me in need of sleep and rejuvenation to be ready for the next round of students and clients. Gratefully I had a light load and could thoroughly enjoy the warm summer months with Annie being home and catching up with old and new friends.

I am learning that this time is special as it allows me to gain space and clarity for sharpening my focus on my priorities. Some of you who know me well are familiar with the stuff I have moved through in my life over the past four years. I have noticed that I have changed in these past few months and finally have a chance to breathe and relax. There aren’t any more fires to put out… while things are not exactly perfect yet, I can now see and hold the vision for where I am going and what I need to be doing to support the path I am on. In this calm new smooth space that is now mine I want to thank all of you who have assisted me and my family in getting to calm and safer ground.

It really is true that sometimes one moves forward in blind faith that everything will be ok and that things will work out. Sometimes you just follow your path and learn to trust your path. Your path becomes at times your very best friend. Your path and your faith. Your destination at times becomes fuzzy because as your growth expands so does your destination as it is quickly rearranging itself into a newly updated reality that reflects your new maturity level. In other words we are always creating and forming a new set of circumstances in our vision as we call to ourselves what we think we need.

I had one tweaky thing about my work that I finally worked out on paper and it is doing well in practice too. It was the single session work that I do. Yes one session makes a world of difference for people and should always be something you check out when you can. For me though I am always trying to push it to the limit as far as how much we can accomplish in the one hour. The stress I put on myself was huge and while I watched all of the fires in my life slowly die off and move in to the past I was still stressed out. I didn’t realize I was building a pile of mini fires in those individual sessions to get as much done as possible. Ugh it was stressing me out!

Offering Consistent Positive Energy

I love people and I make a stand for all people. I will dive into any energy to pull a person out and have them leaving in excellent clean clear energy. I hear people when they say “$350 is expensive!” Or when they say “wow, I can’t afford that!” I get it completely. The industry standard is $350.00 to $800.00 for what I do. I had a very talented woman in Denver work on me and her sessions are $175.00 per hour. I worked with her three times to complete something and so I ended up at about $525.00 for the thing I was working on the be completed. The 1 800 psychic lines are $6.00 to $7.50 per minute and there is no accountability as the people you work with are anonymous. Also there isn’t any energy work taking place.

The last part about this topic I’d like to share and to highlight is the most important part. Please remember that all of our exchanges… ALL of them are something we do TOGETHER. Each of you give and receive in the process. So in light of the fact that it isn’t healthy for one person to engage with another for an exchange that is lopsided both parties will be responsible for the outcome. An energy worker has a tremendous amount of self care to address to be able to do this work properly. So engaging in an exchange that is out of balance and one that allows either party to not fully value herself or himself in this exchange is not going have a good outcome for anyone. All of my mentors have been very clear with me on this.

One more note: It is energy… light, frequency and space that heals… The highest light vibration possible! That healing frequency and light can only travel through and be present with those that can align to the frequency! It can’t work with and for those who do not highly value it. It is the universal law of attraction. In worth and value it works beautifully and peacefully to your best benefit.

So with tremendous joy, excitement, and finally PEACE! Yay! I’m introducing a new and effective way to help people get to where they want to go in a relaxed, complete and thorough way. I’m offering several 8 session series that will be far more effective and in depth for you, it is less expensive, and gives you consistent and regular work leaving you feeling really great long term!

Don’t worry all my last minute fire starters! I’m still here for you! I won’t leave you all… I am doing this to help all of us live in more peace and balance and learning to stop creating all of those little fires we will have to put out at some point! Lets learn this together!!!

Cheers to a calm, smooth and clear transition into Fall!

XO Dede