Diamond Wash

Diamond Wash

Diamond Wash

Hi Friends!

I had promised to write about a channeled meditation the other day so here it is…

As in mostly all of these channeled meditations there is a setting of the stage so to speak in the beginning. Between people attending in person and those attending from all over the county over the conference line, spirit likes to pull everyone together for the very best possible results for each person to reach perfect energetic alignment. These meditations are powerful and they bring measurable results in health and well being.

We begin with the very best intentions set and the calling forth of the God sanctioned archangels, teachers, healers, guides, gods, and goddesses. All of these beautiful beings are aspects of God. Since we are human with our language and our logic we use symbols and sounds and concepts to convey energy. So for me these beautiful beings show up and take the stage if you will and guide the meditation through me.

To begin with Archangel Zadkiel comes forth and sets the stage for all of the participants. A beautiful tube of light is placed around each individual person attending the meditation to be able to stay in their own energy field and allow the very best energetic shift to occur for that person. After all of the tubes of light are dispersed for all we are invited to sit down indian style on a warm sandy beach in the evening. There is a gentle breeze with the air being the same temperature as our bodies and the sand is slightly warm from the sun that day. There is the sound of waves softly lapping the shoreline adding rhythm to the scene and the sky, as it becomes darker, is filling with brilliant stars. There is a bonfire placed in the center of our circle of participants. The bonfire is suspended in air as there is a love vortex that has opened before us that reaches to the core of the earth where there is a column of light stretching all of the way out from the core to the stars and around it swirls soft white light. Just above the fire a large star is placed. It’s been mentioned time and again this is the Star of David. Archangels come and circle around us, as well as Christ, Athena, Isis, Zeus, American Indian Chiefs, Stag, Bear, Wolf and many more. Seems the amount of energetic support attending these meditations are growing and so there are too many to list at this time.

Anyway, so we have been instructed to sit in the sand and feel our weight in the sand, straighten our spine, relax the shoulders, and breathe. Very slowly and deliberately we are guided to breathe in to the count of eight and then hold for the count of eight and then exhale to the count of eight. As we are instructed to focus on our breath and hold our count steady we are each provided with a small gold basket that is placed behind our backs in the sand. These baskets are to catch our thoughts as we learn to roll them down our backs and drop them gently into the baskets for us to look at another time. Our group breathing deeply and slowly to the rhythm of eight counts and allowing our thoughts to gently roll down our spines and drop into the baskets, begins to relax and quiet down as we continue this for another five minutes the shared space becomes very quiet and relaxed and the silent space being created between thoughts begins to stretch.

Here for many meditations we are presented with beautiful smooth liquid gold and we are fed this liquid light gold in every cell in our body. First to fill up each chakra beginning with the crown and quieting and smoothing out the mind, then moving down to the third eye and the pineal and pituitary and through the sinus cavity and brow line, behind and through the eyes wrapping around the head infusing the temples and the ears and the jaw joint and chin moving down through the neck and filling up the throat and the top of the back of the neck and the base of the skull where it releases all tension in the neck. This liquid gold moves down the chest into the heart filling the entire chest cavity and expanding out the chest throughout the rib cage and into the solar plexus. Once filling the solar plexus this gold liquid moves down into the pelvis and fills up the entire pelvis and then moves into the hips and the thighs, knees, shins, ankles and feet. Once the feet are filled with this gold light it drips out the bottom of the feet and drops to the core of the earth. Our attention is then drawn back up to the heart where more liquid gold moves out of the heart and fill the shoulders, the upper arms, and the elbows , the forearms , the wrists, hands and then fingers. Dripping out of the finger tips and dropping again to the core of the earth. This exercise fills all of us with pure peace, love and connection: spirit to body and body to earth. Perfect oneness.

Ok so this time from here, we where guided to see pitchers of billions of tiny bright lights like diamonds being fed into our hearts. Tons and tons of tiny white diamonds piling into the front of our hearts and filing up our chest cavity. Clearing, cleaning and buzzing away all things no longer needed. So many diamonds are coming into our chests now in the front and back of our hearts. They drop down into where the ribcage meets, the solar plexus and the the same energetic cleansing is taking place. Billions of tiny white lights as brilliant as diamonds moving and clearing the entire ribcage now and pouring in from the front and the back. As these brilliant points of light are continuing to fill our bodies they drop down again into the pelvis and continue to fill the entire pelvic area with brilliant tiny diamonds. They again are being poured into our bodies front and back filling up and expanding our bellies releasing and dropping out all that is in its way. Here the lower spine, and the middle of the back and the upper back are all getting the diamond wash. The spine is now lighting up like a christmas tree and infused with these brilliant lights releasing, clearing, opening and energizing the entire torso. From here the brilliant diamonds drop into the hips and the thighs, the knees and the shins. Doing their job of clearing releasing opening and expanding the entire leg. They drop down now into the ankles, feet and toes adding brilliance to our feet and our presence to our feet and our place here on earth.

As the group is enjoying this gorgeous energy the diamonds move from the heart up to the neck and the shoulders through the upper arms, elbows, forearms and the wrists and hands and fill up the fingers. They continue to reach and infuse the entire neck, jaw, face, ears, eyes, cheekbones and forehead and cheek bone and expand the interior of the entire skull. These brilliant little diamonds are now pouring outside of the top of the head and showering our exterior head and neck and shoulders, chest and waist, belly and back down our legs completely clearing our auric field and shinning our aura to a brilliant hue of gold, silver, and white with transparent clarity.

As we are all basking in the light of these diamonds everywhere, we where presented with a large pool of diamonds that opened up before us and we were encouraged to enter the pool and stretch out. Once in the pool we laid down on our backs in this brilliance of light and stretched out. We were spread out and encouraged to spread out even further and further and as we breathed in this gorgeous energy of light we were encouraged to pull out our “situations” in our lives and allow those to also unfold in this energy and continue to stretch out so far that the entire globe became billions of bright lights in which we stretched out so large and so expansive in this energy that we suddenly see our atoms being bathed in this light and we become stretched out inside an atom and we feel the room and the light in one of our own single atom.

The shared silence was brilliant bliss. Holding the space for some time we then very slowly were offered an opportunity to pay attention to our breath, our bodies and our weight and we were offered one more oporunity to see the fire before us as a violet fire of pure life fore energy and place any and all situations in our lives in the fire for God’s love to transmute. Some of us climbed into the fire for one more wash!

After a few more minutes all were thanked by these beautiful angels and guides for allowing them opportunity to be of assistance. All were invited to stay in the violet flames for as long as they choose. The cords were dropped and everyone was landed in their perfect clean, clear, divine light energy.

“I feel like I just took a complete shower!” remarked one person. I smiled in thanks