Equine Clearings

Annie and Betty Lou

Annie and Betty Lou

Twelve Years ago my daughter Annie started to take riding lessons at a barn in Lake Forest, Illinois. My intuitive training was complete at that time and I was asked to read and communicate with a number of horses that were at her barn, Lakeside Stable, as well as at the barn next door, The Equestrian Connection. This past year I worked with horses at Daybreak Farm in Libertyville, IL after having worked with horses at Sunflower Farm in Bristol, WI. In the 15 years I’ve been dedicated to my work I must admit my favorite work is with horses.


My very first teacher and mentor, Sonia Choquette, use to say that horses are angels. At the time Sonia made this claim I tucked it away as something I felt was true with no experience as of yet. Within one year of my training with Sonia I found myself at the barn walking alongside horses talking to them and hearing their stories and listening to them share their favorite things about their lives. They show me pictures and stories about their lives and convey messages to me to convey to their owners. Their hearts are wide open and they are in complete reflection of their owners hearts at all times. These beautiful beings are our earth keepers as they are true to the heart center and they are benevolent creatures in their never ending task of keeping our hearts open and clear.


Horses enjoy the opportunity to be witnessed and communicated with. They have lots to say and lots to show their owners. Working with horses and reading and clearing their energy has saved many owners a lot of unnecessary care and concern when most of the time what is at the heart of the matter for a horse is a very simple and easy fix. With tremendous love and appreciation I honor the opportunity to work with these beautiful creatures.  $350.00


An equine clearing and aligning session is the same process as the individual and animal sessions as horses are very similar in spirit and energy as the rest of us.  These are one hour sessions and take place in person or can be done by phone and off site.  The results are the same either way the session takes place.