Gold Planes Built With Precision E=MC2

Our meditation last night was filled with diamonds… billions of tiny white lights and although it was stunning and I will share more about it soon I’d like to share the meditation a student and I had together a few weeks ago. Frankly it rendered me exhausted energetically as it had created an intense shift for me that left me with a migraine for four days. Still uncertain I can share the vibration and the energy along with the concepts I’ll give it a go.

A wonderful friend/colleague of mine came up to Lake Bluff for a private meditation for just the two of us. We both have been having some personal struggles about creating a few things very near and dear to each of us so we asked all the angels and the guides to join us in our meditation to see what we needed to make our paths more smooth and clear in our physical plane experience. Well we opened up to our spiritual home base and of course all of the Archangels and Christ showed up along with a few more spirit guides and we had a new visitor. It was Albert Einstein. He had a traditional classroom set up for the two of us and he asked us to please sit down and pay attention as he had some very important teachings for us to learn.

He talked about all of the beautiful gold light we have been working with and he was excited and very pleased at how well we accessed the pure love vibration and absorbed this vibration fully into our beings leaving us feeling exceptionally well and happy these days. He was standing before a black chalk board in a tweed three piece suit with his wild hair and intense eyes and was holding a long round wood pointer about a yard long. He said he wanted to help our case since our vibrations were all very high and our dedication to this vibration is clear. We are ready for the next step.

He used his pointer and pointed to our hearts and showed us many different types of paper airplanes flying out of our hearts… They were all different shapes and sizes made with different folds and different weight paper. Many of them were just dive bombing directly onto the floor and others flipping around in circles doing loop de loops. He spoke of these airplanes being a direct match to our thoughts. Nothing but a whole bunch of mismatched folds and weights and causing complete chaos. “No Vonder Nofing Flies Vight!” Yep, that’s right, Albert Einstein speaking right through me heavy accent and all! I looked at my colleague and her eyes popped out of her head in delight and she bent over cracking up! Grinning, I asked her if she wanted to continue with this channel. Her reply was, “Of course!” Giggling the two of us with this hilarious accent went on with it and recorded the two hour lesson from Albert.

Albert was a humanitarian. He loved us. Loved the human race. He was completely against evil and greed and he told us he showed up for us because of all of our work with the pure gold energy and he heard our call for more assistance in creating our physical plane experience a particular way. He was very clear with us and extremely strict about getting it right. So here it goes. I hope I do this lesson justice in hindsight. I know we got the lesson, I’m just not certain how this can be repeated.

He used his pointer and pointed to our hearts and made sure we saw our creations first hand as paper airplanes flying out of our hearts and they were all kinds and shapes and sizes going every which way and he said they are a direct representation of our thoughts. He smacked his pointer on the desk before him and said, “One must vork vif exact precision vhen it comes to making an airplane or it von’t fly straight.” “Precision. Gold precision. Only the love from ze heart can make ze gold plane and only ze thoughts can make it precise.” “You people have all become very lazy vif ze mind and ze heart.” “zis vill take tremendous focus zas vell.” “Zes?” “Vhat ve are creating is vone gold plane from ze heart built vif precision and focus.” SMACK! Wow! He really slams that pointer.

“Ze only vay vone can do zis is vif ze equation E=MC2. He shared how he became more clear as he grew older and disciplined to only allow himself to see the equation. Through this equation one can truly focus with precision the creations of he heart in connection with the mind. No longer he says are the current energies of this world allowing the mind precision and focus to work independently from the heart. The discipline required now is the precision and focus through the gold of the heart using this equation. So Albert points to our hearts now and these gorgeous shining gold planes built to precision are coming out of our hearts. They have perfect scale,weight and balance and the tail and the wings and the flaps and hinges and every single detail is clear and precise. He says, “Now zat is a plane!” Perfect creation. He explains that this is why we have been working so much from the heart and the gold light energy so that we now come to the classroom of focus and precision. “Focus,” he says while slamming the pointer again “requires ze discipline to only allow voughts of precision vrough ze equation E=MC2.” He is now pointing to the third eye in the center of the forehead where he is showing the equation E=MC2 in gold spinning slowly like a top. “Vonce you understand zat zis precision can only come from zis exact place of ze mind in zis equation, you can send it into ze heart and zere is your plane.” SMACK!

Albert is tired of the ADD and the drop and go mentality of this world of quick fixes and running away from our poor creations when he knew that we had all the energy, focus and precision we need to make this world a wonderful place. This is not something that occurs idly. This is done with precision, focus, intention and love.

He has been watching all our swims in the gold pool of the heart, the universal love, the pineal. He has been watching our dedication to a nice high clear love vibration grow. He was delighted to come in and teach us some lessons. He had us do several exercises with the gold pool. One thing he did was make each atom in the pool of gold a tiny gold equation of E=MC2 so that we were swimming in a pool of gold equations and allowed us to completely infuse ourselves with this knowing. Then of course as they always do in these lessons, he took all of our cells in our bodies for a swim to match the vibration of this golden equation and made certain that every single cell in our bodies are also stamped with this golden equation. We spent a very long time in enveloping our entire beings with this new intelligence.

The two of us sat with Albert for a very long time and long discussions about a number aspects of this lesson. Albert thanked us for coming to his class for this lesson. We thanked him as well. He left us with the knowing that we do not need to understand the exact nature of the equation only the understanding that it is us by nature and it is there to be used through the heart along with the mind “ze two cannot be separated, vif zis equation. Use it vif ze understanding zat zis is yours and it is universally correct. Be focused vif precision.”

By the end of the meditation we were speechless. Since then it has been a whirlwind of activity with my colleague and I. It is about a week and a half or so of acclimation with this sort of energy and knowledge. I’m certain more will be shared later. And I can’t wait to share last night’s meditation with the billions of points of white light… a diamond bath!