Group Channeled Meditations


Group Channeled Meditations

These are powerful channeled meditations designed for realigning, clearing, and activating energy, for improved abundance, health, wealth, relationships, business and family.  I have been delivering these meditations for over twenty years and have served over a thousand people who have had numerous measurable results.

The initial fee of $120.00 is for reserving your space for the series and there will be a $40.00 fee charged each month for six months.  These series will take you from where ever you are currently and move you forward into more clarity and well being as you attend each session.

Everyone attending the series is welcome to come in person, or call in to conference line, or just set the intention for yourself to participate with out any “attendance”.  You do not have to “be” at all of the sessions to create an impact.  Your intention to be a member of this series will put you in receipt of the healing energy and alignment being offered if you attend or not.  Sit back and relax with us in person in East Lake Bluff, or call into the multiple line conference call and put your earbuds in and relax, or if you are busy know that you are in receipt given your intention. This series will give you tremendous benefit no matter where you are.

The series starts Wednesday September 6, 2017 7:00 – 8:00 pm CST.  This first Group Channeled Meditation is free and all are welcome. It is by phone only. Email me or Private Message me on Facebook for the multiple line conference call details.  Those that sign up for the series will meet again the following Monday Night September 11th 7:00 – 8:00 pm CST either in person in East Lake Bluff or by multiple line conference call where we will continue the series through May.

We will be honoring all holiday weekends and will be moving those Monday meditations to Tuesday.

Drop in fee of $25 cash in person or $30 to process through website for remote participation.