Many Connections

Image by Kerri Sherman bloom & focus

Image by Kerri Sherman bloom & focus

After sleeping most of the day away I have realized that we once again are ending another year and looking to new fresh beginnings in the new year. I often wonder how we can wipe a slate clean and start over, completely over and it seems impossible really. Christ promises he washes everything away that isn’t purely in God’s love for us and so we move ahead in our churches or sanctuaries of sorts and begin again to create a new experience, a new component in our lifestyle or a new relationship. Whatever the new thing is that we once again put our focus on it’s another new beginning of a new creation based on a thought or a hunch or a feeling that we carry in response to our current life situation.

If our family members are sick we ask for health or if our job has been lost we ask for a new one or if we are lonely we ask for a partner… Has it ever occurred to you that your requests for newness and new creations always seem to be in response to some unwanted experience? If you could actually see a matrix of all the energy that comes to you from others and goes out from you to others you would be shocked at the web you weave unconsciously and the role you have played in the creations of all of your own experiences. Sometimes our thoughts and feelings and even actions are on auto drive and have a constant hum of their own as if you are not even awake and a driving force in your own self in exactly the way you choose. Just this morning I thought for the first time how nice it would be to leave my cell phone behind and have my house phone put in again and stop using my cell phone so I can bring peace back into my life… I had four men ask me out last weekend all by text message. The two invitations for breakfast and church went unanswered and the two for dinner got very short responses and eventually a message from me that said “I don’t text.”

Where is the silence in our own state of oneness which is what is really behind the scenes in all of this and then what is the quality of connection we make with others when we are asking them for their time, focus and attention? I had one of the most peaceful days of the year today in that I kept my phone off and out of sight. I did speak with a couple of my very best friends and other than that I had a wonderful day with my dog, nature and my daughter and myself.

A lot of people don’t really understand what I do except for those that have experienced my work on a regular basis. Essentially I assist people in coming back home to self. Open their hearts and connect them to the earth. You see our hearts are vast and in the center of them all of creation exists and it is a vast and endless space where we are all one. Energetically when our bodies are clear and aligned we are in perfect motion with the heart center and living in harmony with all that is for ourselves and everyone on this planet. It is a beautiful thing to see people leave my office with that look of bliss in their eyes and they walk off discovering what in the world are they now going to do with this big opening the was just created. It’s the look of sheer joy.

Beneath the heart, the solar plexus and the belly, Pelvic floor and hips need to be cleared as well and all needs to be grounded to mother earth so that a person is taking themselves into their full potential on this earthly plane and fulfilling their life’s purpose. Which is the sharing of their gifts here in this time space reality.

Our most recent Master Class has been meeting every Monday night for an advanced Master Class mediation. It has been an out of this world experience and at the same time completely done through the heart center while forming profound connection to the earth.

We have all been learning and mastering our connection to the oneness that exists in our hearts. In this place all possibilities exist and the truth of the fact that we are all one. One heart, one being, one love, one god and one creation. One.

When my girlfriend Kerri sent me this photo this morning taken by her out on Ridge Road in Lake Forest, i knew I’d be writing something beautiful with it. You know its not all about always feeling “good”. Because that is not possible. It is about feeling real and true to the fact that we are all one and when we reach out and give another a hand, or forgiveness, or to resolve a matter that has been hanging around for a long time, we heal. We heal ourselves and we give permission to heal the world around ourselves.

It’s not possible to cut off others, or to with hold the flow of love. Our smaller selves think it is possible and as long as we believe this is the best way to heal we will always be living lie that will never bring ourselves back into balance. Have you ever wondered why you attracted that situation to begin with? It’s because you are so loved by the God and the universe that it has come your way so you can see something in yourself to heal and to bring back into harmony. Yes you have free will and you can choose to run away but I am certain the lesson will continue to follow you until you stop and embrace it with love and acceptance, open your heart, and in that you find peace. True peace.

Today we are all hooked in to the media and our electronic devices that all day long we can be wired in to the heads and thoughts of others. And soon we don’t know what is in our own hearts, and we certainly don’t have our feet connected to the earth. We are floating around off the ground, not feeling our bodies, connecting our heads to one another through electronic devices sharing thoughts and filing in the blanks of our own heads about what something actually means.

When I think of my work I say, “oh of course, we need to learn what it means to be clear and grounded and open hearted.” That actually isn’t even true. What true is that we all are clear and grounded and one hearted, we can’t be otherwise it’s just time that we get rid of the disturbances that interrupt ourselves and keep us distracted from our truth. The truth that we are all one, and we can’t disconnect if we wanted to and we have two choices… Send our fear or send out love because one way or another the vibration you carry will be felt by all and it is your choice.