Master Class = Self Mastery

There is no such thing as a healer or a Guru; there is only your magnificent self.

There is no such thing as a healer or a guru; there is only your magnificent self.

Deirdre has asked us to come forth and invite you to her class. She has many questions about what it is all about and although her learning is fast tracked, she still holds back and has tendencies to lean toward what is well liked verses what is well needed. It’s an old character trait she developed when very young to get through her childhood with as little scarring as possible. In some ways it may have kept her alive at times… taking the temperature of those around her and gaging what would be in her best interest to do next. Always being in response to another instead of being completely intact in her own personal power and enjoying her own creations to the fullest. This is new to her and she is doing quite well. I’m Archangel Metatron, one of her most trusted guides. Yes I am the keeper of the Akashic Records, and the Angel of change, clearing and transformation. I welcome all of you to feel the vibration of this body of written work and see how it resonates with you as you read on. It is a pleasure to meet you. I have some character traits that may be helpful to you that I will quickly mention as it will be good to familiarize yourselves with my vibration. Yes I have very masculine energy, and I have have a clearing and aligning energy that can cause a “buzz” in your vibration as I work. I assist in aligning people on planet earth to their original blue print according to their soul purpose and their evolution for their growth. In receiving this alignment one benefits physically, mentally and spiritually. One of the reasons I’m sending this invitation out to all of you is that it is imperative that we get to work quickly in assisting others in achieving the mastery of aligning the self to self and release the vibration of dependency.

Deirdre enjoys conveying my vibrations, guidance and energy through her speech, gaze and presence and she has mastered her skill in doing so. Her sadness comes from having to be depended upon for those who haven’t yet developed their mastery of their own alignment, connection or channel to their angels and guides. Learning to rely upon one’s own guidance and energy source and fully reaping the benefits of being in mastery of one’s own perfectly clear alignment brings her, us and all of those currently enrolled, tremendous joy. She has never felt completely confident in selling sessions as she knows it’s a notch lower in vibration as she’s selling the idea that someone needs her. Her own path in releasing dependency has shown her to release the need to be needed. Completely. In releasing the dependency trait, and it is a big one for all of us, her vibration has been so high and light and ever so clear. It gives her tremendous joy to assist in teaching others how to do what she does so that in a way she’s giving back to others what was given to her. Your society is filled with people giving their power away to gurus, to healers, to banks, to jobs, to your government and your medical community. It’s time you take your power back and sit in your own clear sight and awareness and enjoy the ride. I’ve come forth to help Deirdre pull together this Master Class in the way it is designed. It’s designed by me, by the way. She shows up with her skill of allowing me, and many more of us, to speak through her to give you your keys back, and to clear what stands in your way, and to support you on your journey to take back what is rightfully yours. It’s your birth right to be completely and totally one with your own spiritual/energetic alignment in a clear, grounded and practical way.

This class assists you in returning to your natural empowered state. And what if I told you you’ll never need a guru, healer, therapist, coach, again? No one outside of yourself will be needed or desired after this class. That I guarantee. I look forward to working with all of you. Please don’t hesitate to sign up as we have tremendous plans for a wonderful weekend together the third week of June which is coming up very soon!

Very Truly Yours,
Archangel Metatron

…and so it is.