Master Class



Master Class

Calling all students of the healing arts! Now is the time to sign up for this spring’s Master Class.

Whether you are a professional intuitive and energy healer or a great enthusiast of the healing arts, this class is designed for everyone.

The Master Class gives people the tools they need and the experience they require to develop confidence in delivering their skills as an intuitive guide as well as clearing energy. This class also gives one another the connections and support they need to continue to grow and learn together and give each other guidance and energy clearing.

Developing a strong and clear channel for one self is the strongest and most powerful self one can create. Mastering intuition and energy alignment is very important in today’s world as we need to be able to discern for ourselves our truth and know what is coming our way and having awareness of our environment is vital to our ability to be the creator of our own lives.

The entire Maser Class is an in depth learning of the healing arts. Where beginners are brought to advanced levels of healing practices and where advanced people are brought to even more in depth advanced practices. The Master Class can be divided into three levels so you can take one level at a time. Level I is developing and strengthening clear intuitive sight. Level II is developing and strengthening the movement of energy. Level III is about sacred geometry, dimensional awareness, and mastery of self. The Master Class and its separate levels all culminate with a Group Weekend Workshop.

Entire Master Class: Level I & II (by phone or in person) + Group Workshop $3,450.00

Payment plan is available.

Or enroll in one level at a time $1,500 plus $500 Group Workshop

Level I – five private sessions (by phone or in person) clearing and aligning your energy and giving you the tools to develop clear intuitive sight. This will put you in touch with your own clear guidance whether it is with your own Angels and spirit guides, or animal spirit guides. You will develop clear communication and be able to read and interpret your psychic sense with clarity and accuracy. $1500.00

Level II – five private sessions (by phone or in person) learning how to move and clear energy for yourself, your family, home, business and relationships. There is a lot to learn about keeping the energy clearing safe and clean and healthy. This requires practice to develop the skills needed to reach measurable results. $1500.00

Level III – five private sessions (by phone or in person) learning about the vibrations and use of sacred geometry and how affective it is for your life here in this physical plane. This is advanced work and many topics will be covered such as DNA activation, Ancestry clearing, moving through different dimensions and how it relates to your place today here and now. $1,500.00

Level I, Level II & Level III will culminate with a Group Weekend Workshop that is 12 hours, where all participants will be given the opportunity to work with one another gaining experience in using your newly developed skills. $500


These classes are highly effective. Everyone has left these classes with demonstrated measurable results and having not only gained mastery over their skills but have also gained experience in working with people. This is a unique opportunity that gives people the confidence to move forward in their mastery plus having experience. All of it takes place live with me and is private one on one learning ending with a group weekend workshop.

Now until early May – Twelve hour weekend workshop will be scheduled on a Saturday and Sunday 9:00 – 3:00 over a weekend everyone chooses.

Please join us this spring.

All are welcome!