Photos by Kerri Sherman

Photos by Kerri Sherman

Dede’s gift of sight and channeling identifies dense energy stored in a person’s body and field.  She sees the origins of this dense energy, and opens the space to light, love, and clearing.

The dense energy clears and transforms. Dede articulates how and why we hold onto these energies and how our being responds in releasing the energy. This process slides us into peace, awareness, balance and clarity.

Dede often works through the chakra system and supports in clearing, balancing and aligning with source energy. She sees our ancestral lines and clears them. She also sees patterns, attachments and false beliefs that we carry, and she supports us in releasing these as well.

The light frequency Dede delivers is brought into the session through her voice, gaze and presence.

Dede is gifted in channeling the perfect energy for each person’s journey.

Dede primarily works with the vibrational frequency of the arch angelic realm. The session is one hour of verbal discussion while the energy works its way through the body and auric field.

After the session, many people are returned to their natural rhythms, bringing vibrant health and well-being.

Energy in action.