AngelReadings $175

Individual Energy Healing Session $350

2 for 1 Special thru Feb 14th 2018. Purchase a single energy healing session and get one energy healing session for free to give to a friend or give to yourself.  Offer good when purchased before February 15th, 2018.

Gift Certificates May be purchased for $350 for a single session or for the 4 pack for $1,000 or for the annual subscription for $2250

4 Pack – $1000 ($250 per session)

Chakra Activation $1725

8 sessions are scheduled typically one week apart. 30 minutes in length so be on time.

Business & Executive Advancement $2300

8 sessions specifically dedicated to advancing your business or your position to the next level

Master Class $3450 or Level I $1500, Level II $1500, Level III $1500 + Workshop $500

15% off  –  $2,932.00

The entire Maser Class is an in depth learning of the healing arts.  Where beginners are brought to advanced levels of healing practices and where the advanced people are brought to even more in depth advanced practices.  The Master Class is also divided into three levels where one can take one level at a time. Level I is developing and strengthening clear intuitive sight.  Level II is developing and strengthening the movement of energy. Level III is about sacred geometry, dimensional awareness, and mastery of self. The Master Class and its separate levels all culminate with a Group Weekend Workshop.

Annual Subscription – Monthly ($187.50 & $20 0.00 per session) 

For those who enjoy monthly energy clearing and aligning in all aspects of life for one year at a GREATLY discounted rate.  The continuity of this kind of series gives maximum support for a person. This is a 50% savings! The very best way to get the most out of this transformative work.

Annual Subscription – Payment Schedule – Option A – $187.50 per session by prepaying $2,250 for 12 sessions.  OR  Option B  $200.00 per session for a $600.00 deposit with 9 monthly payments of $200.00.

Remote Session  $520

Session that you do not need to attend. A detailed written report is submitted to client.


Dede practices in Lake Bluff, IL.  Sessions are in person or by phone.

If you need to change your scheduled session time, 24 hour notice is required and please email Dede at No refunds – credit only.

Each session is one hour of verbal discussion while the energy works its way through the body and auric field.

After a session, many people feel fantastic with improved health, relationships and businesses.


Schedule yourself by clicking the blue schedule button and then email Carol with your preference of having your session in person or by phone


Energy in action.