Spring Menu • 2018



Spring Menu


 Individual Sessions $350

2 for 1 Special thru Valentine’s Day 

Buy one one hour energy healing session and give a second one hour energy healing session to yourself or to a friend for free

Gift certificates are available 

 4 Pack $1000 – $250.00 per session – 4 sessions

Annual Monthly Subscription

Option A $187.50 per session – up front $2,250

Option B $200.00 per session – $600.00 + 9 monthly payments $200.00


Gift Certificates 

Gift Certificates may be purchased for single sessions $350 per session and for packages at the rates outlined.

 Chakra Activation $1725 – 8 weekly sessions – specific for health

Business & Executive Advancement $2300 – 8 monthly sessions

Master Class $3450 – 5 private sessions + group workshop. Each Level $1500 plus group workshop $450.00

15% Off – $2,482.50 Private Training – $450 Group Workshop

Sessions in person or by phone – one hour of verbal discussion while the energy works through the body and auric field

Feel fantastic with improved health, relationships and businesses

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8 Session Service

8 Session Serv

Hi Friends!

I’m so EXCITED to offer a new service called CHAKRA ACTIVATION.

It is an AFFORDABLE 8 session service where we will dedicate each session to one chakra at a time ending with an integration of the 7 chakras. For the longest time I have been dealing with tremendous pressure delivering as much as is humanly possible in the one hour $300 session.  For people who are seasoned and trust the process through repeated sessions, this service is perfect as it is more affordable and your body with an organized method will respond favorably. For those of you who come in for the first time or any time in an emergency state where there is already a manifested problem or issue, one one hour session just won’t really get the entire situation addressed. The root of these manifested issues is not totally cleared as it requires more time and more repeated sessions. It is too much pressure and the beautiful work that is accomplished may not be fully noticed as there is already a lot of “stuff” piled up.

This service will organize you and your expectations allowing your body in repeated sessions to relax and be brought into alignment. Energy work aligns your health, your relationships and your businesses. Where ever your energy is so will your manifestations be. We will be meeting 7 times to activate each chakra one per session, then the 8th session will be a complete integration of the 7 completed chakra sessions. I am so excited to be delivering this service to you. Keep it light and keep it clear!  These sessions are abbreviated as each chakra will get full concentrated treatment. Approximately 30 minutes. So drive a touch early and be ready to work! $215.00 per session. $1,725.00 for the 8 Session Series.

BUSINESS & EXECUTIVE ADVANCEMENT: I am so excited to put this series of 8 sessions together for those looking for clear and precise vision, support and energetic alignment for the advancement of one’s business and position in one’s professional field.  I have assisted many people in gaining terrific results in this arena.  A mom of teens entering the work force after 15 years of raising kids has placed herself in the perfect job designed by her and earning six figures, a man re entering the work force in a highly competitive field after one and a half years of not working has landed the job of his dreams… he pulled me aside on the street and told me he got the job and he hasn’t been more happy in his work than he is today.  This list is long of those that have had huge success and happiness in their work upon receiving the offered energy and channelled advice that I bring forth in these sessions.  We will meet as often as weekly or monthly to accomplish the task of clearly reading the energy of your work environment.  We will clearly define the general energy of the company as well as those that work with you , for you and those whom you work for.  We will also clearly define the energy of the products and services you provide and align the energy that is in need. Then, most importantly we will regularly clear and align you to be in the very best energetic flow for reaching your goals and holding the very best power of influence with in our company.  This requires releasing of old patterns that hold you back and a clear overview and discussion of your blindspots so you can work more effectively with others. The list of people who have greatly benefitted from this service is endless!  Please check it out. It is well worth it!  $287.50 per session. $2,300.00 for the 8 Session Series.

The MASTER CLASS is beginning now. I will need all of those interested to please contact me as soon as possible to get your five private sessions scheduled. This is an advanced class for those who love living a A clean and clear energized life and choose to fully embrace the connection with angels and spirit guides and clearing energy for themselves and their loved ones. $3,450 for the five one hour private sessions where your energy will be cleared and you will be given hands on guidance on connecting with your angels and spirit guides followed by a ten hour group workshop. Level I plus level II plus group workshop.

INDIVIDUAL, ANIMAL & EQUINE SESSIONS are available upon request (travel fee may apply depending on location). These are in-depth head to toe clearing, aligning, and activating your entire energy system. These are very powerful sessions that create big shifts. $350.00

4 PACK  –  for those who enjoy regular sessions at a discounted price of $250.00 per session. $1,000 for four sessions. A savings of $400.00

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION –  for those who enjoy monthly energy clearing and aligning in all aspects of life for one  at a greatly discounted price of $187.50 or $200.00 per session.  Option A – $187.50 per session by prepaying $2,250 for 12 sessions. A savings of nearly 50% saving $1,950.00.  Option B – $200.00 per session with a $600.00 deposit plus 9 monthly payments of $200.00.

ANGEL READINGS – A throw back to the times of classic angel readings.  The archangelic realm showed itself to me and gave readings to clients through me 18 years ago.  It is my favorite way to work.  We sit back, relax and listen to angels guide you through your soul lessons quickly and easily.  They show the way of your very best soul alignment and clearing as well as defining your very best guidance for a fruitful life.  There is not any energy clearing or shifting. Only accurate beautiful loving guidance!  Their messages are always beautiful, clear, accurate and loving. $175.00 Offered Now thru New Years!

Group Meditations – Channeled live meditations every Monday and Wednesday night from 7:00 – 8:00 pm CST. All are welcome to participate! This is a time where you sit back and receive the excellent healing energy being offered to you for clarity, alignment and feeling great. I have been channeling meditations for twenty years now and many have had excellent measurable results in the their health, wealth, business and relationships. Come and experience the mastery of your own energetic alignment through repeated exposure to this experience. You can come in person or your can call in to a multiple line conference call and put in your ear buds and relax and take it all in!

Gift Certificates: Any number of single sessions $350 per session and for packages at the package rates above.