For the past 14 years, Dede has had the privilege of helping people clear negative energy and release the past, making a powerful impact on their lives. She is blessed to receive their kind words.


“As a physician, I was a little skeptical about the idea of an angel reading. However, I knew that deep down I was open for a more unconventional approach to self-empowerment. I will never be able to express enough gratitude for Dede Hart and my transformational experience with her. I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that my experience with her had a direct influence on my awakening and and my exponential launch to a higher level of awareness and consciousness. It has forever changed my existence to that of happiness, bliss and knowing. Thank you to Dede for introducing me to the archangels and ultimately, to the life force and cosmic energy of the universe.”

Dr. Tom McNulty – BBHC  Northbrook, IL


“Not knowing what to expect, I was moved by Dede’s gift to manifest a life-changing shift in one session!”

John T.   Chicago, IL


“A reading from Dede Hart is a life-changing experience and is worth considering if you want a professional and thorough healing. Whether for cleaning chakras, hearing from your angels, or clearing out mental blockages, Hart possesses a multitude of gifts. A reading from her is never intimidating but is rather a therapeutic necessity. Dede has healed the emotional baggage that I’ve been carrying for years and has brought forth great love and light into my life. If you want an honest and reasonably priced reading from Dede Hart, I highly recommend her!”

Margeaux M.   Chicago, IL


“Several months back, I had the opportunity to experience Dede Hart’s energy work. As a newcomer to the world of ‘energy workers’, I was open to the process of allowing Dede to interpret the mystical world and my relation to it. I believe this is the key to this form of communication—to be open and have no expectation. She gently and confidently explained the process and then opened my channels of communication of which some were open and some were blocked. Dede shared insight on the open channels and unblocked the channels that were blocked. The beauty is that I did not have to understand everything that was being communicated to me at that exact moment. I absorbed the information and over the next several weeks, through the power of reflection, I was able to see the connections to my own experience and Dede’s words that moved through me. The experience was amazing and I highly recommend working with Dede if you want to understand the mystical world and your relation to it. Dede is a healer!”

Adam R.   San Diego, CA


“When there is darkness, there is Dede and the team of angels bringing in light through her. There were several dark and hopeless situations in which I believed there were no possibilities. Lo and behold, Dede and the angel gang came through with guidance and unconditional love.  Thank you for your gift Ms. Dede!!!!!”

Alyce S.   Chicago, IL


“Dede is an incredibly gifted woman. After my initial session with her, I felt remarkably ‘light’ and filled with hope and renewed purpose.  It was as though she released energy blockages that set my soul free! Consistently, she has been able to dive right into the heart of the matter with me at the present point in my life. Seeing Dede is equal to the best therapy session you could ever have without having to talk!  Her direction and guidance is very authentic & genuine from an extremely spiritual place.”

Jennifer P.   Chicago, IL


“I love seeing Dede. I have been doing sessions with her for over 10 years. Her work always raises my vibration and helps me reconnect with my true self.”

Samantha S.   Los Angeles, CA


“Dede has more than 14 years of experience in counseling and advising. Wisdom and prudence enables her to link to the clients’ energy fields. This gives her access to vital information that may be blocking or inhibiting the free flow of life that the client wishes to experience. I felt very welcomed in her beautiful practice from the moment I walked in the door. I particularly enjoyed the focus on the chakra system and the angelic aspects of this practice. While other modalities encourage and are aware of those elements in practice, I appreciated focusing on them as a directed element of clearing and energizing practices.”

Inga T.   Chicago, IL


“Dede Hart is a wonderful spiritual guide with powerful gifts that she shares with her clients to enrich their lives. Through sessions with Dede, I have gained clarity, balance, and a better sense of direction. Her sessions have provided me with useful specifics and also a view of the big picture of my life.  Her life readings and energy sessions are a strong and positive tool in helping me better understand and enjoy my life.”

Anne M.   Lake Forest, IL


“Dede is wonderfully gifted! She reads with clarity, purpose and a deeper awareness. After our reading, I was left in awe with a better understanding of who I am and where I am going. Dede truly wants to see you express the gifts you are holding in yourself and left me with an understanding of how to use them. Dede is the real deal – extremely gifted and sincere. I recommend her to anyone and everyone seeking guidance! She has truly made a change in me for the better. Thank you Dede!”

Amber K.   Chicago, IL


“When I first came across this work, I was cautious and skeptical. However, I kept receiving emails on this over and over again, as if they were trying to tell me something. So, I set up my first session with Dede in July of 2013. I was looking for signs or behavior that would affirm that this was not for me. However, my first meeting with Dede was supposed to be a test run for 30 minutes but instead ended up being a 10 month long spiritual exploration so deep within myself that i cannot explain in physical terms. It was so good and divine that I ended up including my sisters in this spiritual journey with Dede as well. I have a connection to myself that is so indescribable, which is a gift I could not help but share with my sisters. Now, if you know what this is, you will understand that this means an explosion of higher vibration and frequency. For anyone out there in this physical space, exploring that there is God within us, this is one of the venues. I have come away being so spiritual with an appreciation of self and the divine self. Dede’s offers the concept that God becomes more of a reality through her process. She is so awesome and I love her.”

Uma V.   Chicago, IL

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