The Kingdom Within

Hi Friends! Please join us in another round of group clearing and meditations Wednesday Nights 7:00 – 8:00 pm at my home or on a multi line conference call. We have 7 weeks until Christmas and for the next 7 Wednesdays I’m offering a really nice clean boost in energy and awareness and feeling great to support you through the Holiday Season and in moving your life forward…

Many of us are going through intense times of transitions where we are learning and growing in our lives. We are transitioning from long rigorous work schedules and large incomes that we once identified with, as well as intense long periods of parenting, into a more peaceful simple life. Many people are beginning a new second career. We are seeing that we are not in the same situation as our parents and that their paradigm doesn’t fit ours. All of us are having to rewrite our own script. And for those who have been in the same career most are now seeking a more fruitful sense of being now that the kids have grown and more time is available. This is a time for reforming the self and creating something teaming with fantastic energy and being even more excited about enjoying the fruits of our existence and being able to share it with the world. In my sessions I meet with highly intelligent well educated people who have a well developed sense of self and are now looking for support in growing and learning about what it takes to keep moving forward into a vibrant new path and beginning to shed the past thoughts and patterns that hold us back. We keep trying to move forward and then find ourselves getting tripped up from some old thought forms that impair our ability to create what we desire. This meditation and group clearing is about abundant, vibrant, expanding energy to promote a clear, focused and centered you. Showing up present and clear is what it’s all about in moving ourselves forward.

These 7 sessions will unblock and release all old thought forms which create dense energy in the body that keeps you and your creations held back. Take this new energy into a new business, a new relationship, or a new yoga class… Use this beautiful channelled energy you will receive to revive an old relationship or to redevelop an old business plan or to boost you forward on some old house projects… Either way you will have created the necessary space to bring in new perspective and the energy to follow through. It is all about feeling good as you move forward and working with a clean slate. Unless you learn to let go of the past, and be present and clear, it’s impossible to have room for anything new. These meditations and group clearings have provided many people with measurable differences in their life experience. $300. Sign up today as it begins this Wednesday, November 4th. Message me for details.

XO Dede